A better childhood. For every child.

After conducting a national report in to society’s understanding of childhood and our relationships with children in the modern age, ‘The Children’s Society’ realised that they needed to sharpen their purpose as a charity and the means in which they communicated this with those they helped, their donors and their employees.

‘A better childhood. For every child’ was developed and translated into a bold vibrant visual style. Icons of childhood helped articulate powerful messages with immediacy and clarity, whilst engaging photography conveyed a sense of statement and attitude. It was important that the brand could flex between positive and negative messaging, and work well not just at a fundraising level but in providing support to those in need. Iconography and illustration provided the perfect mechanism to do so and has helped to revitalise the charity’s relationship at a local level as well as private.

The brand has been rolled out across communications on and offline, in to local project centres, campaign events and across their retail estate. Overall driving a real shift in recognition and understanding of the charity since its launch.

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